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Are you looking to purchase a property to wholesale or renovate and “flip” but lack sufficient capital or liquidity at closing time?

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Are you in the process of securing permanent financing but need short-term capital now?

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Do you need funds quickly to keep a deal from getting away or to stay competitive in a multiple-bid opportunity?

What is a Real Estate Acquisition Loan?

A real estate acquisition loan is financing for the purchase, or “acquisition,” of real property. The targeted property may be intended for resale by a wholesaler, for a Fix and Flip project, or for a condominium conversion, but as long as the loan is earmarked for the purchase only, it is considered to be an acquisition loan.

Typically, acquisition loans are a good fit for those who have identified a solid investment opportunity but do not have access to sufficient capital by the time of closing. Real estate lenders may bundle other types of loans (e.g., renovation loan, zoning & entitlement loan) with an acquisition loan to give the borrower more flexibility with the project.

Why Use a Hard Money Lender?

With an efficient underwriting process, competitive terms, and 40+ years of collective experience in development and private lending, Walnut Street Finance is well-positioned as a go-to source for your next real estate acquisition loan. We are a proud partner of many motivated builders, developers and investors in the greater Washington metropolitan area and look forward to serving your funding needs.

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